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Assess, document, prioritize, and manage ESG from a secure, centralized platform, simply designed by leading industry experts.
Algorithms automatically assess current readiness
Document Management
Organized by risk categories for easy accessibility
Intuitive dashboards provide transparent risk analysis 
Customized action plan based on proprietary algorithms
Simplifying ESG Management For:
Help your clients get started with ESG. Companies just starting out on their ESG journey need your help. With Teal you experience streamlined processes, heightened scalability, and enhanced client retention. Let's simplify, scale, and succeed together.
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Help your suppliers get started with ESG. By referring them to Teal, your suppliers will have a place to get started with assessing, managing and implementing ESG, so you can lower your risk. Navigate the global wave of ESG expectations with ease.
From regulatory changes to stakeholder interests and brand reputation — we've got you covered. Remember, up to 97% of your company's ESG risks lie within your supply chain. With Teal, you're always a step ahead!
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The Benefits
Straightforward workflow makes user adoption a breeze
Effortlessly track progress & prioritize action plans
UI/UX-optimized document repository & workflow
Maps to the leading European and US ESG frameworks
Collaborate with stakeholders from anywhere in the world
Advanced security ensures data confidentiality & integrity
Cost efficiently uncover & quickly mitigate risks at scale
Backed by decades of expertise & customer feedback
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Your Teal Score
The score you receive when completing the Teal Assessment is a good indication of what your performance and score will be on the leading external ESG benchmarks, rankings and ratings.
The Teal Assessment has unparalleled breadth and depth. The development of the Teal Assessment was an extensive and thorough process over years of work by leading industry experts. Its amalgamation of the leading frameworks covers 80% of the materiality issues for companies from any industry sector.
Teal’s Early Adopter Quotes
Teal was developed by pioneering ESG industry leaders with decades of ESG executive leadership and consulting experience.
"…This assessment tool helped generate options that both stretched our thinking but were realistically actionable… was a valuable use of time and money…"
- VP, Leading CPG Company
"…This work clarified...the complexity and risk of sustainability issues in the supply chain...[it] will allow thousands of companies to 'wake up' to sustainability challenges of global sourcing in an easy to understand format…"
- SVP, Leading Natural Foods Retailer
"…This is an excellent tool. It encapsulates all critical environmental and social indicators in one easy-to-use document. I can already see the value of it…"
- VP Environmental Affairs, Global Industrial Conglomerate
"Teal fills a much needed gap in the ESG technology marketplace"
- Partner, Big Four Consulting Firm
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